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Dodgeball Canada partners with Ballistae Dodgeball Gear

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Dodgeball Canada (DC) and Ballistae Dodgeball Gear have entered into a partnership that will offer top-quality and affordable dodgeball kneepads to our communities from coast-to-coast. Customers of Ballistae will now be able to purchase their V1s, sliders, and soon to be released V2s on DC’s new and improved website store. We will be placing three pre-orders on the following dates for bulk shipment:

1. April 30 (delivered before Nationals)

2. June 30 (delivered before Worlds)

3. October 30 (delivered before Christmas)

“When Ballistae reached out to DC about partnership opportunities it was clear that they had corresponding views in supporting the dodgeball community.” said Dodgeball Canada President Duane Wysynski. “As DC strives to be a leader at the national level, we want to continue to offer our community with not only the tools, but the equipment to achieve their best.”

To place an order visit our store:

About Ballistae Dodgeball Gear. On a mission since 2018, Ballistae Dodgeball Gear have been on a mission to become the official supplier of Dodgeball gear and apparel. To do this, they are dedicated to developing equipment, gear, apparel, and accessories needed for dodgeball players to participate and excel in the sport.

They have been very fortunate to work with many entities and allies of Dodgeball, such as USA Dodgeball, National Collegiate Dodgeball Association, and Federacion Mexicana de Dodgeball A.C., just to name a few.

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