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2022 World Dodgeball Championships
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2022 World Dodgeball Championships
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2022 World Dodgeball Championships

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About Dodgeball Canada

Dodgeball Canada is federally-incorporated, non-profit organization, whose goal is to actively grow dodgeball in Canada. We represent 24 member leagues and 10,000+ active players across Canada at all levels of competition in two types of formats foam and cloth dodgeball. In addition to overseeing the National Program and supporting five-time world champion Team Canada (three men's and two women's) at the highest levels of competitive play, Dodgeball Canada leads numerous local community organizations as well as promoting fair play and sportsmanship at the youth, junior high and high school levels through their Dodge in Schools program.

Dodgeball Canada also supports the sport’s growth globally through their Executive Seat in the World Dodgeball Federation.

Dodgeball Canada also supports the sport’s growth globally through their Executive Seat in the World Dodgeball Federation.

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About World Dodgeball Federation

The World Dodgeball Federation (WDBF) was established in 2011 as the governing body for the sport of dodgeball internationally. Headquartered in Edmonton, Canada, the main objective of the federation is to develop dodgeball by promoting the sport globally with the principles of unifying educational, cultural, and humanitarian values and focusing on youth development programs.

The WDBF has the largest geographical reach of any dodgeball organization, growing from 8 National Federations to over 79 between 2016 and 2021. The rapid growth is a result of a reorganized governance model that allows members to share expertise in all levels of management. The WDBF sanctions the sport in all formats, including foam, cloth, rubber, beach, trampoline and - introduced in 2019 - digital. The WDBF continues to strive to strengthen the bonds of friendship between national federations and the world.

What is Dodgeball?

You might have played it in gym class or at recess, but do you know that it is a highly competitive, internationally recognized sport played around the world in over 80 countries?

The game is simple. To play, you need up to six balls, two teams and a defined space. Players throw the ball at their opponents trying to eliminate them from the game, while defending themselves by blocking and catching. Once a team has had all players eliminated a point is scored. It’s simple to organize, inexpensive to maintain and easy to grasp. This is why it continues to grow in popularity. Anyone can play dodgeball.

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2024 World Dodgeball Championships

The World Dodgeball Championships will be the largest competition in the history of the sport, with over 25 nations, including Australia, Italy, France, the United States, Great Britain, and Hong Kong, etc. It is a must for those who embrace high-energy, high-integrity international competition.

WHEN: August 2024

WHERE: Austria


Sponsorship Opportunities

The World Dodgeball Championships is coming to Austria in 2024 and now is your chance to get involved by becoming a sponsor of Team Canada!

Dodgeball is an exciting, fast-paced sport that captivates people’s interest with its agile, fearless athletes, insane clutch moments and a healthy dose of nostalgia. Don’t miss out on your chance to support this rapidly-growing sport and the opportunity to market to its loyal fanbase.

For more information and to find out how you can get involved, check out our full sponsorship package.

Sponsorship Package

Contact Us

To get in the game and discuss sponsorship opportunities contact:

Duane Wysynski, President of Dodgeball Canada

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