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Our Team

Board of Directors

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Cameron Booth


Cameron Booth has been a part of dodgeball in the Hamilton, Ontario area since 2012, competing at a multitude of levels from locally, provincially, nationally, to internationally. He has loved the experiences he’s gained and the friendships he’s formed all over the globe. Cameron has been involved in many aspects of the hospitality industry but he loves the role of leading and managing people. As a Regional Manager for many locations, he serves people from all walks of life, and loves to share his experience and helping hand when needed. He looks forward to continuing to make Canada a World leader in Dodgeball for years to come.

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Mat Klachefsky

Vice President

Mat Klachefsky has been promoting the sport of dodgeball in Manitoba for over 10 years. As the founding president of Dodgeball Manitoba, he has fostered one of the strongest competitive dodgeball scenes in Canada. He directed the national tournament when it came to Winnipeg in 2018, he has served on the Team Canada selection committee for three years, and he was the head referee at the 2017 World Dodgeball Federation Championships in Toronto. Outside of dodgeball, Mat has been working in the camping industry for 18 years, helping to empower children and young adults to reach their fullest potential.

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Shauna Roe

Director of Communications

Shauna Roe brings a mix of dodgeball experience and over a decade in the communications industry to her role as Director of Communications. She’s represented Canada on the National Women’s Foam team for 8 years, with her love of the sport born through college play and various leagues in Toronto, Ontario. Shauna has over 12 years in the advertising/PR industry and is currently a VP and Creative Director for Edelman Canada. Through her role on the Dodgeball Canada board, Shauna hopes to strengthen Dodgeball Canada’s voice by celebrating the spirit of the sport and all those who play it. 

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Laura Eden

Director of Finance

Laura brings a decade of professional experience in finance and accounting, including a CPA designation, to the Director of Finance role. She has a similar number of years of experience playing recreational dodgeball in leagues and tournaments across Toronto and Ontario, growing her passion for the sport and its community. Laura's overarching goal as Director of Finance is to facilitate the growth of dodgeball as a sport by adeptly managing its finances and ensuring a solid foundation for sustained development.

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Marc Cizravi

Director of Player & Sport Development 

Marc Cizravi has been part of the greater Canadian dodgeball community since 2007. All it took was one intramural season at Western University all those years ago to capture his heart and competitive spirit and the rest has seemingly become history. Professionally, he has been an entrepreneur almost all his life; a decade and a half spent running an I.T. consultancy before moving to a corporate position, along with the not-so-recent founding of Dodgeball Toronto, Marc is eager to bring his commitment, enthusiasm, and experience to his position as Director of Sport and Player Development. Within our community, Marc has been a competitor, teammate, captain, national team member and coach, mentor, ambassador, organizer and volunteer – and is eager to add his DC board member role to the growing list. In his role, Marc hopes to inspire new and older generations of dodgeball players to embrace a community-building spirit through further development of domestic competitive leagues and tournaments, minor and youth dodgeball programs, and the Canadian National Program.

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Gia Bader

Director of Partnerships 

Gia Bader is recognized in the community for her ability to build meaningful relationships. In 2014, Gia embarked on a dodgeball journey that blended her passion for community engagement and connection-building. This led her to volunteer for Boss Dodgeball, co-found Dodgeball Calgary, and play in the WDBF community. Gia’s career path involves developing programs, providing counselling services, and collaborating with different providers. As the Director of Partnerships, Gia hopes to enhance strategic partnerships and tap into meaningful resources for the dodgeball community.

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Karine Biron

Director of Administration 

Karine Biron brings to her role as Director of Administration a mix of dodgeball experience and over a decade in the industry of staff coordination, equipment management, customer service, and project and tournament management of all kinds. She has represented Canada on the Women's National Dodgeball Team since 2018, and her passion for the sport has grown exponentially. During her mandate, Karine’s aim is to actively consider the wants and needs of Dodgeball Canada’s PSO’s, and represent them to the best of her ability with the objective of advancing the sport. Through her role on the Dodgeball Canada Board of Directors, Karine hopes to bring the benefit of her experience to Dodgeball Canada and all its members.


Duane Wysynski


Duane Wysynski has been playing organized dodgeball in Alberta since 2006. His long-standing top tier team will be entering its 28th season of play this winter. Duane’s experience in the sport of dodgeball extends to draft leagues, tournaments, charity events and a variety of league teams over the past decade.


As a Sports Administrator, he served for 8 years as Vice President Administration for Athletics Alberta, the governing body for track and field in the province and the provincial arm of Athletics Canada, and has been a member of the Society for American Baseball Research and the Association of Track and Field Statisticians. Professionally, Duane is the owner of Sertus Solutions Inc, specializing in process improvement and business integration initiatives, and is currently Director of Business Intelligence for the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta. He has a Masters in Business Administration.


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Stephanie Bailey 


Stephanie works in manufacturing as a Director of Sales Operations. She has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Philosophy with a minor in Political Science, is certified in Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution and has completed a graduate program in Genocide and Human Rights at the University of Toronto.


The Ombuds is an entity that operates independently of the Board of Directors, offering a safe path in reporting grievances and complaints without risk of retribution or retaliation. The Ombuds promotes fair and equal treatment and acts an as impartial and independent body for the Dodgeball community in Canada. The Ombuds will receive complaints and triage them and will be the escalation path in disciplinary appeals.

Business Directors


Émilie Michaud
Agente au bilinguisme | Bilingualism Officer 

Émilie is a writer and a translator, currently working in that respect for OPTEL (Quebec). She has been playing dodgeball since 2012: She is a veteran player in the sport with the Ligue de Dodgeball de Quebec (LDQ) and is happy to put her skills to the service of our sports. She has been volunteering with the LDQ for many years and has worked with the World Dodgeball Federation, having translated the rulebook into French for the organization's francophone community.


Ben Johnson
Governance Officer 

Ben is a member of the Victoria BC dodgeball community. He leads fundraising strategy for charities across Canada and lends his volunteer time to do commentary for DodgeballTTV.

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Mitch Janzen
Media + Broadcast 

Mitch has been playing dodgeball out of Manitoba since Spring 2016 and began refereeing high-competitive dodgeball in 2017, leading him to try his hand at reffing Worlds that year in Toronto. While trying to find where he truly belongs within this worldwide sport, he's worn many hats including the Director of Programs & Community Outreach for Dodgeball Manitoba, and is now managing the Dodgeball on Twitch initiative under Dodgeball Canada with the goal of expanding outside of Canada.

With 15 years of broadcast experience, he's been working as a producer for ONTrack Media & Entertainment full time, mainly managing the broadcast department at Assiniboia Downs in Winnipeg. He also works for True North Sports & Entertainment on the side at Canada Life Centre during the Winnipeg Jets NHL season, entertaining the in-house fans with graphics, stats and fun interactive games to play on the video boards between whistles. Sometimes he gets to work a wrestling event here and there. All sports, all the time.

Strategic Advisors

Dr Kristopher Wells - MacEwan_edited.jpg

Dr. Kristopher Wells

Dr. Wells is an Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair (Tier II) for the Public Understanding of Sexual and Gender Minority Youth at MacEwan University.

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Kimberly Hadley

Kimberly is a Sports Officer for the Federation of Gay Games, and a leader advocate for inclusion in sports at the international level.


Jacob Hendy

Jacob is the Executive Director of the Indigenous Sports Council of Alberta, and the CEO of the Alberta Indigenous Games.

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Jillian Roberts

Jillian is the Coordinator of the Sport Administration Program, and the Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation Program for Georgian College.

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