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Athlete Evaluation Process

Athletes will be evaluated at Team Canada tryout combines by members of the coaching staff and combine evaluation staff.


The coaching staff ultimately selects the athletes to move forward in the tryout progression, to squads that attend training camps, and for the final roster. Scouts will be consulted throughout the selection process.

The best teams will be chosen, not necessarily the best players, and will be based on the teams’ tournament(s) and the competition they will face.

Individual Skill Assessment

  • Ability to consistently apply the five (5) major skills while limiting errors during competition and in training. The five (5) major skills are: Throwing, Dodging, Catching, Blocking, Rushing.


Skill Assessment Framework

  • Throwing drills assessing speed, accuracy, and consistency

  • Catching drills assessing range, consistency, and survivability

  • Dodging drills assessing range, consistency, and survivability

  • Blocking drills assessing survivability

  • Rushing drills assessing speed, pass accuracy, and survivability


Tactical Assessment

  • Ability to read the play and make strategic decisions on court. Ability to utilise information provided by the coaching staff and relate it to individual or team performance. Ability to effectively communicate during games.


Character Assessment

  • Demonstrates qualities conducive to individual improvement and team success.



 Things to know to prepare for the combine:

  • Wear a jersey with your name and number if possible

  • Come prepared with water, snacks, and lunch and any equipment you will need

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