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About Dodgeball Canada

You know the game. Now meet the sport.

Dodgeball Canada is a federally-incorporated not-for-profit organization that represents thousands of dodgeball players across the country. The organization consists of members from Victoria to St. John's, and many points in between, and aims to create a community of athletes from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. Dodgeball Canada supports player development for all ages and skill levels, and supports international development as an active Executive Member of the World Dodgeball Federation.

Its members strive to make the organization the most innovative, trusted and valued source of information for dodgeball in Canada. Our goal is to be a leader in engaging players, coaches, officials and leagues at a national level. As a member-based organization, Dodgeball Canada will grow the sport of dodgeball and promote its benefits amongst Canadians of all ages, cultural backgrounds, and skill levels.

In Association with WDBF

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The WDBF is the international governing body for the sport. It was formed in 2012, and is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta. Since its inception, the main objective of the Federation has been to improve dodgeball by promoting the sport globally with the principles of unifying, educational, cultural, and humanitarian values and focusing youth development programs. The WDBF is active in 6 continents and more than two dozen countries. It strives to strengthen the bonds of friendship between national federations around the world.

What is Dodgeball?

Dodgeball is a team sport that consists of players throwing balls at their opponents in an attempt to eliminate them with a direct hit. If their opponent catches the ball, the thrower is eliminated, and the opposing team gets to bring an eliminated player back in. The game is played until one side has lost all of their players.

Dodgeball is a gym class staple, played around the world with a variety of interpretations of the core rules as well as with many different forms of balls: rubber, no-sting, cloth and foam. When people think of dodgeball it is typically those early gym class memories that come to mind, either that or the often quoted 2004 movie.

Meet The Sport
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Our Milestones

2022 - Hosted WDBF World Championship in Edmonton, Alberta

2020 - Fledgling partnerships with Commonwealth Sport, CSTA and others

2019 - Participation in Atlantic Cup in UK, absorption of the cloth Canadian Dodgeball Federation (CDF) into DC

2018 - Invitation to CSTA, introduction to Canadian Olympic Committee

2017 - Hosted WDBF World Championships and Collegiate Invitational

2017 - First AGM and Board elections, inaugural Western Championship

2016 - Development of core values, initial contact with Sport Canada

2016 - Created a membership structure, first National Championship

2015 - Founded Dodgeball Canada, first board was established

Our Mission

Break barriers and create communities where we play together.

Our Core Values


Dodgeball is an inclusive sport, available to everyone, inclusive of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, income levels and athletic ability.


Dodgeball provides opportunities to connect and build community within neighbourhoods, schools, and social circles.


Dodgeball provide opportunities for high-level competition at regional, national and international levels.


Dodgeball leagues and players have access to knowledge and support founded on best practices and shared among communities.

Our Sponsors

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