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Back-to-Play Announcement

Updated: May 1, 2021

While Canadians across the country have either returned to physical activity or are starting to feel the pressure of COVID’s second wave, it is important to remember that while some provinces have eased up on restrictions for gathering, the threat of COVID-19 and transmission remain. Dodgeball Canada recommends that any league, clubs, programs and organizers returning to activity should consult with their local, provincial, and national government health officials before returning to dodgeball.

The World Dodgeball Federation (WDBF) had recently presented a comprehensive document on their return to play guidelines that we encourage our community to review it. Please note that the information contained in the document is meant to supplement – not replace – government regulations of which you must comply.

The return to dodgeball must not compromise the health of individuals or communities and will require cooperation from everyone. This will be a slow and careful process which involves patience and flexibility. Further outbreaks of COVID-19 may result in a discontinuation of dodgeball activities.

To support you and your leagues, Dodgeball Canada’s insurance provider has supplied us with waivers and a checklist tool to be used at your disposal.

Dodgeball Canada - COVID19 Attestation
Download P • 78KB
Dodgeball Canada - COVID19 Facility Use
Download • 119KB
Download • 376KB

For more information on Dodgeball’s Canada’s back-to-play resources please visit

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