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National Team Selection Process

The WDBF World Championships are scheduled for August 28 to September 4 this year in Edmonton, Alberta. In addition to the traditional divisions of Men’s and Women’s in Foam, this year’s event will add a Mixed division in Foam, as well as all three divisions in Cloth.

Dodgeball Canada (DC) has elected to enter teams in all six divisions, creating the largest National Team in the organization’s history.

National Selection Camps

Foam Teams

In previous years, the national foam team had been selected by a national selection committee who would observe, document, and determine the top candidates during the Nationals Championship. In 2020, it was agreed that the format would be changed to a selection event that would focus on the individual with less reliance on a team and tournament environment.

Cloth Teams

On November 4, 2019, DC and the Canadian Dodgeball Federation (CDF) reached an agreement to unify the sport under one banner in commitment to the development of the sport nationally. The deal was to have the existing Cloth National Team compete alongside the Foam National Team where they would both represent DC in Glasgow, Scotland. In 2020, the World Championship was cancelled due to the world pandemic, but DC agreed to uphold their contract by allowing the existing cloth athletes the opportunity to participate in the National Program for 2022 only. While most athletes have agreed to continue with the Program there are still many spots to be filled for both men’s, women’s, and mixed.

National Selection Q&A

Tuesday April 5th at 6:00 pm EST.​

2022 National Team Selection Process

For 2022, the National Team selections in both foam and cloth will be done through video submissions. After much discussion by the process committee and with feedback from the Provincial bodies, the decision was made to follow an approach that would be the most accessible to the largest number of players, minimizing additional travel and potential conflict with Provincial Championships and selection events. Given the prolonged restrictions through February, and the difficulty in securing a venue in a timely manner, the committee decided to recommend the video selection process.

Application Requirements​

  • Fee: $30

  • Applications for Foam is now closed

  • Applications for Cloth: Wednesday May 4 at 11:59 PDT

  • Application form to be filled out, which will include:

    • marking team preference

    • ball preference (foam, cloth, or either)

  • Video submission (see details below)

Video Requirements​

Please note, players are not expected to make every block, every dodge, every catch. The selection committee will be assessing mechanics, movement, reading the play, and reactions. It is recommended that you challenge yourself in your submission and to consider including plays that demonstrate the proper decision, even if the result was not optimal. Difficulty of the performed skills will be considered when assessing submissions. A partial / incomplete video submission may be considered for exceptional circumstances with a submission of a formal request.

1. Skills Demonstration

Basic outline:

  • Throwing mechanics demonstration

  • Accuracy demonstration

  • Catching technique demonstration

  • Dodging technique demonstration

  • Blocking technique demonstration

  • Opening rush running demonstration

2. In-Game Footage

Note, footage may be from co-ed or gendered match ups in either foam or cloth dodgeballs.

  • Unedited footage of 2 full points of your choice - games must have taken place within the past 12 months

    • If your region has had no dodgeball in the past year, special consideration may be given to games filmed as early as January 2019



To be eligible you must be a high-performance member of your home PSO and a member of Dodgeball Canada. Registration links will be posted on the PSO websites as well as the Dodgeball Canada website on Monday March 14. If your PSO has not yet setup its registration system, there will be a form that can be used on the Dodgeball Canada website.

National Teams will be selected by a pan-Canadian committee made up of representatives of the Provincial bodies and Dodgeball Canada during the first week of May 2022.

Dodgeball Canada is only accepting Team Canada applications for cloth.

Frequently Asked Questions

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