Spring for Dodgeball

Dodgeball Canada’s ability to uphold our commitment to continue to grow the sport of dodgeball is more important than ever. As you know, the organization is run by volunteers and depends on revenue raised by these individuals to operate. This year has restricted our ability to generate revenue from traditional avenues such as tournaments and partnership agreements. We hope we can count on our community to help us, so we can continue to support programming, partnership opportunities, events, and our national team.

You can support Dodgeball Canada by donating a nominal amount today (suggested donation of $25). Every donation will be entered into our “Spring for Dodgeball” giveaway which will enter you into a draw to win a prize. The giveaway commences on April 12th and concludes on May 12th. 

The grand “Spring for Dodgeball” prize pack consists of:

  • $500 US VII Savage Gift Card...

Frequently asked questions

How can I donate?

We are accepting donations through our PayPal account...

What if I do not have PayPal?

Answer here.

When will the winners be announced?

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