Spring for Dodgeball


Grand Prize Winner: Élizabeth Gélineau

  • Go Pro Hero: Karine Biron

  • Lost Cities Board Game: Maude Bérubé

  • Pandemic: The Cure: Jaime Tapper

  • Dodgeball is Everybody Sun Hoodie: Cassandra Paris-Jodoin

  • Dodgeball is Everybody Neckie: Edward Wilkinson

  • Dodgeball is Everybody Headband: Steve Hickson

  • Throw-Throw Burrito Extreme: Robin Della Rocca

  • Foam Dodgeballs: Annmarie Hreczuch

  • Dodgeball Tournament Entry: Connor C Cooper

Winners will be contacted via email Sunday, June 6. 

Dodgeball Canada is still accepting donations. 

Dodgeball Canada’s ability to uphold our commitment to continue to grow the sport of dodgeball is more important than ever. As you know, the organization is run by volunteers and depends on revenue raised by these individuals to operate. The result of the COVID-19 pandemic has restricted our ability to generate revenue from traditional avenues such as tournaments and partnership agreements. We hope we can count on our community to help us, so we can continue to support programming, partnership opportunities, events, and the launch of our new cloth program.

You can support Dodgeball Canada by donating a nominal amount today which will enter you into our “Spring for Dodgeball” giveaway (suggested donation of $25). 

Spring for Dodgeball Giveaway

The grand “Spring for Dodgeball” prize giveaway includes: 

  • 1 x $500 US VII Savage Gift Card

  • A Jersey Designed by Kiyoshi Sama Arts (Artist Josh Huestis)

  • Your choice of team entry for one of the following tournaments:

    1. Team Entry for the National Dodgeball Festival in Barrie, Ontario (redeemable by 2023) or

    2. Dodgeball Coupe de Quebec - The Quebec Cup (redeemable by 2023) or

    3. Tournament of Champions in Vancouver, BC (redeemable by 2023) or

    4. GO! Epic Dodgeball Tournament in Winnipeg, Manitoba (redeemable by 2023).

Total value of approximately $1,000


We will also be giving away a bunch of other prizes:

  • GoPro (approx. value of $300)

  • Board Games - Donated by Table Top Café in Edmonton, Alberta (approx. value $100)

  • Dodgeball is Everybody Gear (approx. value of $100)

  • Foam Dodgeballs (approx. value of $50)

  • Throw-Throw Burrito Dodgeball Game (approx. value of $50)

  • Dodgeball Tournament Entry (approx. value of $300)* choice between 3 (depending on the grand prize selection)

Total value of approximately $900

Contest Rules and Regulations

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors

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Kiyoshi Sama Arts

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I donate?

We are accepting donations through our PayPal account. Every donation will be entered into our grand prize and raffle prize giveaway. Suggested amount for donation is $25.

When will the winners be announced?

Winners will be announced by a member of the Dodgeball Canada Board of Directors on Saturday, June 5 at 12:00 p.m. ET.

Do you need a PayPal account to donate?

No. Simply select the amount you wish to donate and be redirected to the PayPal website. You will have the option of either donating through PayPal or by credit card.

Can I use the prizes even though I don't play dodgeball?

Of course, you can! There are many prizes you can use that do not require you to play dodgeball. - The VII Apparel Co. gift card can be used for your sports team, company, or family. - Kiyoshi Sama Arts can design a shirt for any sport or occasion. - The same is true for the GoPro, Board Games, etc.