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🎉 Thank You all for attending our First National Cloth Dodgeball Open!

Wow, what an incredible weekend! We are beyond grateful for the amazing turnout and the energetic spirit that each and every one of you brought to the tournament.

A HUGE shoutout to all the athletes who showcased their dodgeball skills and made every match an exhilarating showdown! Your dedication, teamwork, and sportsmanship were truly inspiring.

Congratulations to our winners 🏆:

  • Men’s Division: Anarchy (1st), Guns n Broses (2nd), Fate (3rd)

  • Women’s Division: LFG EH! (1st), Hooligans (2nd), WTF Ref (3rd)

  • Mixed Division: Anarchy (1st), Polkaroo (2nd), Hooligans (3rd)

Let's also give a round of applause to our hardworking event organizers and Dodgeball Ontario, referees, and volunteers who ensured the smooth operation of the tournament from start to finish. Your efforts did not go unnoticed!

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