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Gummy Nutrition Lab is the latest sponsor of the Canadian National Team!

With sights set on the Dodgeball World Championship in Austria this August, Dodgeball Canada is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with Alberta-based nutraceutical manufacturer Gummy Nutrition Lab (GNL), who’ll be supporting the Canadian National Dodgeball Team in its quest for gold. 

“We are so excited and proud to partner with the Canadian National Dodgeball Team to support their training and journey to the Worlds,” states Jim Gibbon, co-founder of Gummy Nutrition Lab. 

That support includes arming players with Gummy Nutrition Lab’s Creatine Gummy Chews™ to aid in their training regimens, as well as a portion of proceeds (10%) from online sales of the gummies going right back to the players. 

“The Canadian players largely fund their own training, practices, and travel to the World Championships and other national and international tournaments,” says Dodgeball Canada’s President, Cameron Booth, “having partners like Gummy Nutrition Lab help lift a huge burden that comes with playing at the most elite level of the sport.” 

To support the Canadian National Dodgeball Team through the purchase of Creatine Gummy Chews™, use promo code DODGEBALLCAN when shopping at


Gummy Nutrition Lab’s CREATINE GUMMY CHEWS™ represent a significant innovation in the creatine supplement market. Moving away from traditional powders and pills, these gummies offer a convenient and enjoyable option, revolutionizing the integration of creatine into fitness routines. Each gummy contains one gram of creatine, making them not only tasty but also easy to dose.

ABOUT GUMMY NUTRITION LAB Gummy Nutrition Lab (GNL) is a pioneer in the Edmonton-based functional nutraceutical gummy product industry. Focused on producing low-sugar gummies with Health Canada-approved benefits, GNL is committed to merging great taste with health-conscious choices. Renowned for its innovative integration of nutraceuticals and Health Canada registration, GNL excels in delivering nutrients effectively through gummies, catering to the health-conscious market's evolving preferences.

GNL is dedicated to honesty in functionality, emphasizing taste, next-generation design, and operational transparency. For more information, visit

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