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Europe Formally Joining the World Dodgeball Federation

The European Dodgeball Federation Formally Announce Merger with the World Dodgeball Federation

EDMONTON (June, 7 2019) —  On 7th of June 2019 the European Dodgeball Federation (EDF) and its respective Member Nations voted to join the World Dodgeball Federation (WDBF). This new partnership will bring the total members under the WDBF to 58 in 2019, a tremendous addition to our ever-growing sport of Dodgeball.

“We are delighted to welcome our colleagues from the European Dodgeball Federation. Europe has always been at the forefront of the sport in terms of coaching and player development, and we are excited to work collaboratively with the EDF to build dodgeball and its surrounding infrastructure in the years to come.” - Duane Wysynski, President of the WDBF.

“The European Dodgeball Federation is happy to confirm that we are in agreement to be part of the World Dodgeball Federation. This opens up a lot of new possibilities to shape the future of global Dodgeball, and all of us within the EDF are excited to actively work with these new possibilities. What the future brings, we will see, but it's going to be exciting times for the global sport of Dodgeball.”  - Max Golda, President of the EDF.

The countries, federations and clubs that will be joining the WDBF are as follows:

  • Austria - Austrian Dodgeball Association

  • Belgium - Dodgeball Vlaanderen

  • Bulgaria - Dodgeball Federation Bulgaria

  • Croatia - Hrvatski Dodgeball Savez

  • Czech Republic - Dodgeball Czech Republike

  • England - England Lions Dodgeball

  • France - Fédération du Dodgeball Français

  • Germany - Deutscher Dodgeball Bund

  • Hungary - Hungary Dodgeball

  • Ireland - Irish Dodgeball Association

  • Italy - Associazione Italiana Dodgeball

  • Netherlands - Dodgeball Bond Nederland

  • Northern Ireland - Northern Ireland Knights Dodgeball

  • Poland - Polski Zwiazek Dodgeballa

  • România - Asociatia Romana de DodgeBall

  • Scotland - Scotland Highlanders Dodgeball

  • Slovenia - Dodgeball Slovenia

  • Sweden - Dodgeball Sweden

  • Switzerland - Fédération Suisse de Dodgeball

  • Wales - Wales Dragons Dodgeball

  • United Kingdom - British Dodgeball

About the WDBF

The WDBF was officially formed and established in 2012 as the governing body for the sport of dodgeball internationally. Headquartered in Edmonton, Canada, the Federation has more 58 national organizations supporting the game worldwide.  Since its inception, the main objective of the Federation has been to improve the game of dodgeball, promoting shared values in integrity, commitment and teamwork.

About the EDF

The European Dodgeball Federation (EDF) is the continental non-for-profit governing organisation for all national Dodgeball organisations in Europe.  Currently, the EDF counts 17 National Members all across Europe. The EDF seeks to grow and strengthen a solid and functioning continental federation with democratic structures and transparency.

For further information the World Dodgeball Federation please email

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