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Dodgeball Canada Reveals Team Canada Roster Ahead of 2019 World Championship

Committing to a new era of Canadian dominance

TORONTO (August 21, 2019) – Dodgeball Canada today announced its roster for the 2019 World Dodgeball Federation (WDBF) World Championship in Cancun, Mexico. The men’s and women’s teams, which were selected after months of training with a larger squad of eligible athletes, will be tasked with returning Canada to the top spot in the WDBF rankings.

The complete rosters are as follows:

2019 Activated Roster

Canada Men’s                                                       Canada Women’s

Andrusuk, William                                                Berkley, Shadae Estrabrooks, Kaelan                                             Biron, Karine Huestis, Joshua                                                    Croft, Kenley Mergler, Jason                                                      Gray, Jessica                                         Ranachan, Cameron                                             Kirkpartick, Lynn                                    Silveira, Matthew                                                  O’Quinn, Jacqueline                                              Snow, Jeff                                                              O’Quinn, Jessica  

Tom Sing, Richard                                                 McLaren, Julie

Waddingham, Kyle                                                Moore, Brogan                                                      Wu, Jon                                                                  Morra, Lisa

Yusuf, Moody                                                         Pinet, Mackenize  

Zanchi, Nathaniel                                                  Roe, Shauna         

“We’ve been preparing for this era in Canadian dodgeball for quite some time. This year’s team is infused with talent, depth and can play within the vision and roles that we have established. They know what it’s going to take on and off the court to achieve our goals, and we’re going to be ready for any opponent we face.” Victor Gravili, Head Coach 

Selected Captains

As part of the announcement, Team Canada will turn to some new leadership in the dressing room. Jason Mergler returns as captain of Canada Men’s and will be joined by Matthew Garcia-Silveira in a co-captain partnership. Garcia-Silveira becomes the fourth player to take on the captain role for the men’s team and alongside Mergler, will be a catalyst in helping lead the men in Cancun.

“Jason and Matthew are two very special players that have the rare ability to make the players around them better. As proven winners, they’re passionate about team success and have a burning fire to chase excellence. I’ve seen them develop into exceptional athletes over the past decade and I know that together they form a dynamic duo built upon respect, hard work, talent and leadership.” said Gravili.

On the Canada Women’s side, Jessica O’Quinn takes over as sole captain. O’Quinn becomes the third captain in team history after taking over the role from Jen Ritchie.

“Jess is a proven competitor who has been successful at every level in every sport that she has played. Over the past year and a half, she has emerged as a vocal presence both on and off the court and leads by example through her training and commitment to the program. She is respected by her teammates and she will continue to be a force for Canada Women’s heading into 2019.” said Gravili

Emergence of the Next Generation

Since 2016, Dodgeball Canada has been focused on building a stronger pipeline of talent and depth across the country. Team Canada will benefit from that investment heading into the next World Championship with several new faces scheduled to make their international debut. Below are highlights and facts about the selected team:

  • Seven athletes will represent Canada for the first time (most in Canadian history);

  • Four athletes will make a sophomore appearance;  

  • Seven athletes are aged 25 and under (most in Canadian history); and

  • The first player from Quebec will make their international appearance.

For more information about Team Canada, please contact

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