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Board of Directors - Upcoming Elections

Dodgeball Canada is currently seeking nominations to the Board of Directors, to be filled by election at the Annual General Meeting on Sunday, October 22, 2023. Members of the Board of Directors are volunteers and are responsible for overseeing various initiatives within their respective portfolios. If you wish to be nominated, or would like more information on the available positions, please visit the link below. You will be asked to include your relevant experience, along with your thoughts on the sport and its current needs. This information may be shared with the Membership in advance of the AGM. The deadline for receipt of nominations is Tuesday, October, 17, 2023. Positions up for election are listed below:

  • President, 3 years*

  • Vice President, 2 years

  • Finance, 2 years

  • Communications, 2 years

  • Partnerships, 3 years*

  • Sport and Player Development, 3 years*

  • Administration, 2 years

*The 3-year terms are only due to the Board turnover and that subsequent terms will be on two-year cycles.

The current Board will host a Q&A session on Tuesday, October 10, to discuss the responsibilities of the Board and to answer any questions prospective candidates may have.

To learn more about the roles and duties of the DC Board, visit:

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