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2022 Women's Foam Team Canada | Activations

Updated: Aug 21

Introducing the 2022 Women's Foam Team Canada athletes heading to Edmonton, Alberta for the WDBF World Championship this August.

The complete roster of activated players is as follows:

  • Veronica Baird

  • Karine Biron (Captain)

  • Catie Brady

  • Kenley Croft

  • Jenna Flannigan

  • Jessica Gray

  • Lisa Morra

  • Jessica O'Quinn (Captain)

  • Jacqueline O'Quinn

  • Shauna Roe

  • Yvonne Sher

  • Jocelyn Taylor

And the roster of alternate players:

  • Shadae Berkley

  • Vanessa Huynh

  • Jessica Shmigelsky

  • Keryn van der Dijken

  • Tiffany Wong

"We have been incredibly impressed by the dedication of each one of these athletes, and by what they have accomplished in such a short training season. We are excited to show the world what this team can do."

- Lynn Kirkpatrick and Spencer Sarault, Head Coaches

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