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2022 Women's Foam Team Canada | Activations

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Introducing the 2022 Women's Foam Team Canada athletes heading to Edmonton, Alberta for the WDBF World Championship this August.

The complete roster of activated players is as follows:

  • Veronica Baird

  • Karine Biron (Captain)

  • Catie Brady

  • Kenley Croft

  • Jenna Flannigan

  • Jessica Gray

  • Lisa Morra

  • Jessica O'Quinn (Captain)

  • Jacqueline O'Quinn

  • Shauna Roe

  • Yvonne Sher

  • Jocelyn Taylor

And the roster of alternate players:

  • Shadae Berkley

  • Vanessa Huynh

  • Jessica Shmigelsky

  • Keryn van der Dijken

  • Tiffany Wong

"We have been incredibly impressed by the dedication of each one of these athletes, and by what they have accomplished in such a short training season. We are excited to show the world what this team can do."

- Lynn Kirkpatrick and Spencer Sarault, Head Coaches

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