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2022 Women's Cloth Team Canada | Activations

Updated: Aug 21

Introducing the 2022 Women's Cloth Team Canada athletes heading to Edmonton, Alberta for the WDBF World Championship this August.

The complete roster of activated players is as follows:

  • Alesha Thompson

  • Becca Elsliger

  • Deidra Halfkenny

  • Katie Morrison (Captain)

  • Keitha Cowie

  • Lori McGilvery

  • Michelle Dermott

  • Stephanie Stewart

  • Stephanie Ness

  • Sydney Doyle

  • Tammy Floren

  • Theresa Merwin

And the roster of alternate players:

  • Alyxandra Vachon

  • Cynthia Arcand

  • Kahleigh Krochak

  • Katie Delima

  • Winnie Tran

"I am so excited to show Canada and the world what this group of strong dedicated women CAN do!" - Amaris Pozeg, Head Coach

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