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2022 Mixed Foam Team Canada | Activations

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Introducing the 2022 Mixed Foam Team Canada athletes heading to Edmonton, Alberta for the WDBF World Championship this August.

The complete roster of activated players is as follows:

  • Connor Cooper

  • Nicole Gomes

  • Riel Leaf

  • Jocelyn Luk

  • Betty Mak

  • Jaycie Morris (C)

  • Cassandra Paris-Jodoin

  • Tayler Yuel

  • William Andrusyk

  • Jesse Copet (C)

  • Martin Dutil

  • Nick Grenier

  • Joel Jodoin

  • Kenneth Ng

  • Eldon Wu

  • Rylan Yarjau

And the roster of alternate players:

  • Zion Leaf

"We are thrilled to coach the first ever Canadian Mixed Foam team. Our dodgeball origins are in the mixed game which makes us extra excited for the Mixed Division to finally have its place on the World stage. We are proud of our squad for all of the hard work and dedication they have shown since the very beginning. To see players from across the country come together as one and push themselves and each other to be the best they can be, is an incredible sight! We are excited for the opportunity to challenge the World! Let's GO!"

– Kevin Harder and Amanda Furst, Co-Head coaches

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