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In unity, there is strength

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Our Head Coach shared something! Check out the public unveiling of our National program’s new slogan that captures the culture and philosophy of the program. You can read the post to learn more about the meaning and how these words came together...

"Taking a moment away from the court action to share one of my favourite things I’ve had the pleasure to spearhead since joining our National program in 2015.As we continue to grow and evolve our Team Canada program, it was important to define our identity and culture with a few simple words. It was no easy task, as these words have to remain true to the threads that bind together all of our program’s pillars and core beliefs. Following the 2016 WDBF World Championship, it took a few months of reflection, research and looking inward to piece something together.Inspired by The Warrior Ethos written by Steven Pressfield and derived from an English proverb, in unity there is strength, it means more can be accomplished by a team with a common goal than by individuals.These words will remain ingrained in all components of our National program and will continue to define the culture of Team Canada."

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