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National Cloth Open

Dodgeball Canada will be hosting its first National Cloth Tournament with the support of Dodgeball Ontario. Unlike the foam National Dodgeball Championship, where each province hosts their own championship for teams to compete to qualify for Nationals, this event will be an open format allowing any team to participate. 

Tournament Info

Date: August 12 - 13, 2013

Time: 8:00am on August 12th until 5:00pm on August 13th

Location: Haber Recreation Centre. 3040 Tim Dobbie Dr., Burlington, Ontario

Registration Fee: $550 per team

Tournament Format

Rules: WDBF cloth rule format

Divisions: Men's / Women's / Mixed (3 men & 3 women to start each mixed game)

Timing: Round Robin 20 minutes and Playoffs 40 minutes

Registration Information

Cost: $550 per team

Registration opens: Friday May 19 at 1:00pm EST

Registration closes: July 5th

Final roster due: Thursday July 6th

Total team capacity: 42 across 3 divisions

All participants (athletes and coaches) must be registered members of their Provincial Sports Organization (PSO) at the High Performance Level and in good standing as of June 5, 2023 in order to participate. 

If you wish to sign up as a free agent please use the link below. We will do our best to help find you a team.

Registration Information


  • Teams must be wearing the same uniforms with numbers located on the front and back.

  • Names must be located on the back of the jersey

  • It is encouraged to have your PSO and Dodgeball Canada's logo on the jersey.

  • Please contact your PSO if you require digital files.

Athlete Eligibility

  • Athletes must meet the following conditions:

    • Meet the age criteria of 16 years or older at the start of the event​

    • Be a registered high performance athlete member of their Provincial Sports Organization (PSO) and Dodgeball Canada (DC)

    • Be in good standing with their PSO and DC

  • All athletes must complete the Level 1 Cloth Officials Test, as each team will be assisting in officiating over the course of the event.


We are looking for energetic, confident, sports-minded people to join as a referee and/or volunteer

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