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National Dodgeball Officials Certificate Program

Level 1​: Rule Knowledge

The first level of the National Foam Dodgeball Officials Program tests your basic understanding of the rules. This self-taught level allows an individual the opportunity to read the rule book at their leisure followed by taking the online test (multiple attempts allowed).

Once you have passed the Level 1 online test you are now registered as an official and will be given a passbook. Every match you officiate has to be recorded in the passbook. After you have officiated 30 matches and obtain a letter of recommendation from your local league coordinator, you can apply to the Provincial Chief Official to be upgraded to a Level 2.

Core Outcome​

  • Rule Knowledge

Rule Knowledge​

A. Criteria 

  1. Read the WDBF Foam Dodgeball Rulebook

  2. Must be a registered member of Dodgeball Canada

  3. Demonstrate technical competency on written test 

  4. Apply technical knowledge in game situation footage on written test

B. Evidence 

  1. Achieve the national standard on the written test (70%)

  2. Ability to detect and rule on infractions from game situation footage

C. Measurement  

  1. Achieve a score of 70% on the Level 1 DC Officials exam 

  2. Achieve a score of 70% accuracy in detecting/ruling on infractions in game situation footage

  3. Unlimited attempts to pass Level 1

  4. Proof of active membership will be verified before a certificate is awarded.

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