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Avonlea Armada

Avonlea Armada

Team Biography:

Avonlea Armada, commonly known as just Armada in PEI, is a provincial team and is always selected via a committee. That being said many of the players have been on the team several times. Armada is not only a talented team but one that has a lot of respect and love for each other. We love to have lots of laughs and fun on and off the court. #butts

Avonlea Armada




Prince Edward Island



Red, White, Black & Black, Green, Purple

Team Colours:

Years Together:


Past Accomplishments:

  • 2016 Bronze medal at Barrie (with 3 NS ladies)

  • 2017 first Nationals appearance

  • 2018 Silver medalist at Winnipeg Nationals

  • 2019 4th at Charlottetown Nationals

  • 2020 Silver medalist at Quebec Cup

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