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Heather Ervin

Head Coach, Men's Foam

I have been around dodgeball for a dozen years, playing competitively and winning medals at national, regional, and international competitions. I have coached at league, provincial, and national tournaments bringing home medals at all levels. To round out the coaching staff I have invited former Team Canada Captain and multiple World Championship gold medal winner Dave Kutner; former Team Canada Captain and multiple World Championship medal winner Matthew Garcia-Silveira; and longtime Team Canada member and Quebec dodgeball pioneer Hubert Gaudreau to the team. 

I believe in a collaborative team approach to winning, where each player contributes to the success of the team. We aim to build a positive environment that supports individual player growth for the betterment and success of the team, with transparency, inclusivity, and equality as pillars of the program. 

The three foam team coaches are working collaboratively to build on the foundation of the program and will be selecting players for the collective squads together. At each combine we will be each other’s eyes and ears and work together to create programs and make decisions that benefit our national athletes (considering scheduling, selection criteria, program formats, etc). Athletes may be on both coed and gendered squads but after the second training camps, they must declare which team they wish to continue with (in conversation with both team coaches). 

Team Canada Men’s Foam is looking for diverse players who can adapt to different play styles depending on the scenarios faced in each game. Selections will be made with priority given to footwork, adaptability, having a small movement footprint, and accuracy. 

Players who display good sportsmanship, a team attitude, and a willingness to adapt will stand out to our coaches and scouts. 

I will be at the Manitoba combine, Assistant Coach Hubert Gaudreau will be at the PEI combine, and Women's and Coed Head Coaches Shadae Berkley and Dennis Quesnel will represent at the BC combine. All three head coaches are working together to evaluate athletes, which will result in a comprehensive evaluation across all three combines.

I look forward to meeting you, watching your footage, and being inspired by your play at the upcoming combines. 


Heather Ervin, Head Coach, Team Canada, Men’s Foam

Heather Ervin
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