About Dodgeball Canada

You know the game. Now meet the sport.

Dodgeball Canada is federally-incorporated, non-profit organization, whose goal is to actively grow dodgeball in Canada. We represent 24 member leagues and 10,000+ active players across Canada at all levels of competition in two types of formats foam and cloth dodgeball. In addition to overseeing the National Program and supporting five-time world champion Team Canada (three men's and two women's) at the highest levels of competitive play, Dodgeball Canada leads numerous local community organizations as well as promoting fair play and sportsmanship at the youth, junior high and high school levels through their Dodge in Schools program.

Dodgeball Canada also supports the sport’s growth globally through their Executive Seat in the World Dodgeball Federation.

Dodgeball Canada also supports the sport’s growth globally through their Executive Seat in the World Dodgeball Federation.

About World Dodgeball Federation

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The World Dodgeball Federation (WDBF) was established in 2011 as the governing body for the sport of dodgeball internationally. Headquartered in Edmonton, Canada, the main objective of the federation is to develop dodgeball by promoting the sport globally with the principles of unifying educational, cultural, and humanitarian values and focusing on youth development programs.

The WDBF has the largest geographical reach of any dodgeball organization, growing from 8 National Federations to over 79 between 2016 and 2021. The rapid growth is a result of a reorganized governance model that allows members to share expertise in all levels of management. The WDBF sanctions the sport in all formats, including foam, cloth, rubber, beach, trampoline and - introduced in 2019 - digital. The WDBF continues to strive to strengthen the bonds of friendship between national federations and the world.

What is Dodgeball?

Dodgeball was first introduced to many of us as a child on the school yard or as part of physical education class. It is a team sport. The concept of the game is for players to dodge or catch thrown balls by the opposition and at the same time hit their opponents.

It is known to be one of the most accessible sports in the world because it can be played by people of all ages in formal tournaments or casual settings. Barriers to entry are low, with participants requiring no more than six balls and a defined space. The number of balls in play and the nature of play ensures that all players are engaged in each and every game.


Simple to organize, inexpensive to maintain, and easy to grasp, children and adults everywhere are discovering the rush of the game.

You Know the Game.
Now Meet the Sport.

Once thought to be only a childhood game, dodgeball is experiencing a re-birth, proving itself to be a highly-competitive, highly-strategic sport that has a passionate following around the world. 

With over 70 federations actively participating in global competition under the umbrella of the World Dodgeball Federation, dodgeball is on the rise at the competitive level. The sport of dodgeball has evolved to encompass a variety of skill levels, from recreational participation to high- performance international competition.

Why Become a Sponsor?

The annual budget for these events is $120,000 and the majority comes from fundraising through the communities themselves —and sponsors like you. Every donation, regardless of size, helps ensure these programs can continue to run.

As a developing sport in its professional infancy, dodgeball will see many changes in the years to come. Financial sponsors also have the unique opportunity to speak into these changes and shape the sport within Canada for years to come.

Dodgeball Canada offers a customized sponsorship package to best fit your values and partnership objectives. The opportunities we offer include anything from broadcast visibility on and off-court during Dodgeball Canada sanctioned events and ancillary events to social media and hospitality.

  • IP Rights

  • Broadcast

  • Social Media

  • Hospitality Assets

  • On-Court Marketing

  • Ancillary Events

  • Co-branding

  • Product Incentives

  • Giveaways

  • and Volunteer Opportunities

We remain committed to developing relationships that are mutually beneficial, and remain open to any proposition that supports your values and mandates.


To get in the game and discuss sponsorship opportunities contact:

Duane Wysynski, President of Dodgeball Canada duane@dodgeballcanada.org

James Rosnau, Director of Player & Sport Development james@dodgeballcanada.org

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