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July 17, 2020

Savage Apparel Co. Named Official Apparel Partner of Dodgeball Canada

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Edmonton, AB – Dodgeball Canada (DC) is pleased to announce its official partnership with Savage Apparel Co. This new partnership allows Savage to serve the apparel needs of the Canadian dodgeball community at large and provides additional partnerships with teams operating under the Dodgeball Canada banner. 

Duane Wysynski, President of Dodgeball Canada, is enthusiastic about these organizations coming together. "Dodgeball Canada is very excited to welcome Savage to our community,” Wysynski says. “For any sport, it is critical to have an apparel partner that can deliver to teams and players. In Savage, we've found a partner that not only has significant experience in the industry but has dodgeball-specific experience as well. We are looking forward to working with them in the years ahead."

This partnership also solidifies Savage’s new Vancouver-based production and distribution operation. Canadian teams will now be able to order custom fully sublimated jerseys and apparel from Savage, which will then be manufactured and shipped to them, all from within Canada. Savage is working with a production company in Vancouver, B.C. to both manufacture and distribute the custom apparel orders to their Canadian customers. The entire production and distribution process will take place within Canada, providing the Canadian dodgeball community access to quality custom gear from Savage without having to order or ship internationally, as well as supporting local industry in Canada. 

Savage’s Canadian production includes the apparel company’s signature line of fully sublimated short- and long-sleeved jerseys, hooded jerseys, Neckies, and tank tops on their proprietary GreenLine fabric, which is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. The GreenLine fabric is UPF 50+ rated — the highest rating of sun protection possible for clothing. The fabric is also treated with SILVADUR — a special antimicrobial ionic wash that kills bacteria and microbes that can cause unpleasant odors, decay, and discoloration. The DuPont-certified SILVADUR treatment helps wearers stay fresher, longer, and keeps their custom gear looking good. Canadian teams can now order their custom gear featuring this top-of-the-line technology domestically, at a reduced cost, through this new partnership. 

Megan McCaffery, Director of Partnerships for Dodgeball Canada, is excited about joining forces with Savage to give back to the community.  "Savage has continuously demonstrated a sincere interest in working with their partners to give back to the communities they serve,” McCaffery says. “We look forward to partnering with a company that not only produces a quality product but also aligns itself with Dodgeball Canada's core values. We are excited to offer Savage's expertise to our members, and we are highly optimistic that this partnership will create a more streamlined and consistent merchandise process for Dodgeball Canada."

The Dodgeball Canada “Dodgeball is Everyone” apparel line launches at on July 23, 2020. A portion of proceeds will go toward the Dodgeball Canada Community Fund. This fund will help a Canadian league or program that has suffered financially due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic (more details to come). A standalone Savage Apparel Canada website and the debut of Dodgeball Canada team stores will also launch later this year.

About Savage: Savage Apparel Co. was founded by Todd Curran in Charleston, S.C. in 2009. The company originally specialized in creating uniforms for ultimate Frisbee teams. Today, they are based in Richmond, Va. and serve a wide range of athletic markets including soccer, kickball, Spikeball, disc golf, dodgeball, and Quidditch. Find out more at

March 13, 2020

Statement | 2020 Nationals Postponed

A New Date for Nationals is Being Considered Due to COVID-19 Outbreak

(March 13, 2020) - Today, DC President Duane Wysynski, the Board of Directors and Dodgeball Edmonton postponed Nationals 2020 scheduled to take place April 10 – 12 in Edmonton, AB. This decision is based on the province of Alberta prohibiting public gatherings of 250 or more people, including sports events and concerts, in an effort to slow down COVID-19.

Both Dodgeball Canada and Dodgeball Edmonton are committed to seeking a new date later in the year and will have an update for the public by March 31st.

“Our number one priority is the health and safety of all our community members across the country. The impact of COVID-19 is being felt across the world and the precautions taken by local government, professional sporting organizations and businesses are extreme measures to slow down the spread of the virus. Although we wish we could proceed with our event, we respect the precautions put in place by the provincial government. On behalf of Dodgeball Canada, I want to thank our organizers, athletes, coaches and staff for their patience. We will immediately turn our attention to planning a new date for Nationals and we will share that information once it’s been decided.” – Duane Wysynski, President of Dodgeball Canada

In the meantime, all athletes, coaches and staff have been advised to hold on cancelling their itineraries (including travel and accommodations) until the new date has been confirmed in an effort to avoid cancellation costs.

With Nationals postponed, Dodgeball Canada will also be reviewing National Program selections process.

“I echo Duane’s comments about the importance of the safety of our players, coaches and staff across Canada. I also share in everyone’s disappointment regarding the postponement of our beloved Nationals and look forward to it continuing later on this year. Contingency plans and recommendations surrounding 2020 National Program selections will be formally shared with the Board of Directors this weekend. I suspect a decision will be made by early next week and more information will be communicated via our website and Facebook shortly after." – Victor Gravili, Head Coach of Team Canada

Dodgeball Canada strongly recommends to all their provincial and league partners to practice social distancing to help flatten the curve and help contain the further spread of the virus.

Lastly, we understand our players and community members are faced with a lot of questions and uncertainty at this time, please rest assured we will make all information known as it becomes available.


November 8, 2019


Canadian Cloth Teams Join Dodgeball Canada Exclusively

EDMONTON (November 4th, 2019) –, Dodgeball Canada (DC) is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with the Canadian Dodgeball Federation (CDF) to unify the sport under one banner in commitment to the development of the sport nationally. After months of discussion, the board of the CDF voted in favour of joining Dodgeball Canada to consolidate operations and create a stronger voice for advocacy in Canada. The cloth program of the CDF will join the broader DC National Program. Both teams will compete under the DC banner representing Canada at the 2020 WDBF World Championship in Glasgow, Scotland.


“I want to thank the CDF Board of Directors for graciously accepting our proposal and for being such a strong partner in helping us grow the sport in Canada. It was clear in discussions with members of the cloth community that they had wished to see both formats supported under a unified banner. We have always been a strong community, even across governance lines. With the international landscape evolving and shifting rapidly, it’s the ideal opportunity for Dodgeball Canada to lead by example and build stronger programs together with all our community leaders and stakeholders,” said Duane Wysynski, President of Dodgeball Canada 


As part of the agreement, the CDF will cease its operations as a separate entity, and instead will work as an integral part of Dodgeball Canada to advocate and promote the best interests for cloth dodgeball in Canada. 


“On behalf of the CDF and our members, we’re extremely excited to be joining Dodgeball Canada as we work towards common goals and acting in the best interest of the sport. We will continue to advocate for the growth of cloth dodgeball in Canada and are looking forward to contributing to the National Program in 2020. We are eager to continue through our transition, working towards new goals, and getting acquainted with the WDBF,” said Katie Morrison, former President of the Canadian Dodgeball Federation. 


As DC begins the transition process ahead of 2020 planning, the management team for the cloth program will be comprised of the former CDF Board of Directors. They will play an integral role in transitioning the program and teams over to Dodgeball Canada and will report to Victor Gravili, who has been appointed the General Manager for the cloth team in 2020. Gravili will maintain his responsibilities as the head coach for the foam program and has been tasked with leading the transition of the cloth program to align it under the guidelines, expectations and standards established by Dodgeball Canada. 


“Looking towards UK2020 and knowing that the World Championship will feature both foam and cloth divisions, it’s so incredibly important that DC looks ahead to ensure that our National Program is both strong and consistent, regardless of format. There are plenty of key learnings from my years of building the foam program, and I hope to shed that wisdom in order to lead a seamless transition as we expand our National Program to support both formats,” said Victor Gravili. ​


National Program planning for UK2020 is scheduled to take place in January 2020. 


Highlights of the merger: 


  • CDF will join DC to unify within a single organization with common governance, operations and social media outreach. CDF Board of Directors to serve as the management team for the 2020 cloth team for UK2020;

  • CDF teams that were scheduled to compete in Cairo, Egypt will instead represent DC in the cloth division at the 2020 WDBF World Championship in Glasgow, Scotland; and 

  • DC will work with CDF’s membership and former Board of Directors in the development of a National sport and player development strategy 


For more information about the merger, please contact

For player information, please consult the following document 

September 26, 2019







Becomes first paid national head coach in Dodgeball Canada’s history


EDMONTON (September 26, 2019) – Dodgeball Canada’s Board of Directors voted in favour of retaining Victor Gravili as head coach of the Team Canada national program with the signing of a three-year contract with an option for an additional fourth year in 2024. The contract includes a compensation structure that is the first of its kind for Dodgeball Canada and comes with the intent of emphasizing the value of strong coaching with the hope of creating pathways for future coaches. 


The announcement, which comes during National Coaches Week, is part of Dodgeball Canada’s commitment to guiding Canada back to the top of the WDBF rankings. While working with Gravili and the provinces, Dodgeball Canada aims to build a comprehensive long-term player development program that will be equipped with full regional scouting and coaching capabilities by 2021.

"Victor is a leader in player development for the sport of dodgeball. The successes of our National Program have been due in no small part to his vision and drive over the past several years. He’s done a remarkable job building one of the best national programs in the world and his accolades, accomplishments, and track record of getting the most out of his athletes is a testament to his leadership and knowledge of the game. On behalf of the Board, we’re thrilled to Victor remain as our head coach and extending our commitment to building stronger pathways for future coaches in the years to come,” said Duane Wysynski, President of Dodgeball Canada

“I want to thank the Board of Directors for their continued support of both myself and the process of building a respected National Program. Since joining Dodgeball Canada in 2016, we’ve seen tremendous growth in our programming and our athletes. We’ve been very committed to our vision and we’re excited to put on a strong performance in Cancun, Mexico this November. It’s an honour to continue working with Team Canada, our staff and athletes, and I look forward to celebrating our future success with communities across Canada,” said Victor Gravili, Head Coach Team Canada

Gravili’s new contract will commence immediately following the WDBF World Championships held in Cancun, Mexico between November 26 and December 1. He will report directly to the Board of Directors until a new Team Canada Executive Director has been recruited and identified by Dodgeball Canada. Locked to coach Canada Mens until 2023, Gravili will also have the option of resuming head coaching responsibilities for Canada Womens in 2020 should he wish to exercise those provisions within his contract. A decision will likely be made in December 2019.

For more information about Team Canada, please contact

About Victor Gravili
Regarded as a pioneer in coaching, Gravili is one of the most recognized and successful dodgeball coaches of all-time. With a career spanning over 11 years, he is widely credited with developing the top collegiate program in Canada (Humber Lakeshore) guiding the school to a 132-15-1 OCR record and 19 OCR championships over 10 seasons. He is a three-time Humber Lakeshore Athletics Coach of the Year and recently was named Humber Athletics Coach of the Decade. On the international scene, he has led Team Canada to playoff berths in each year since taking over behind the bench in 2016. He has helped guide Canada to the finals three times and has led the program to a gold, two silver and a bronze medal. He is a former board member of Dodgeball Canada and is the current head coach of Humber Lakeshore (Lakeshore Hawks), and the Mavericks Dodgeball Club, a newly formed team from Toronto, ON. 

About Dodgeball Canada
Dodgeball Canada is a federally-incorporated not-for-profit organization that represents thousands of dodgeball players across the country. The organization consists of members from Victoria to Halifax, and many points in between, and aims to create a community of athletes from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. Dodgeball Canada supports player development for all ages and skill levels, and supports international development as an active Executive Member of the World Dodgeball Federation.



August 21, 2019


















Committing to a new era of Canadian dominance


TORONTO (August 21, 2019) – Dodgeball Canada today announced its roster for the 2019 World Dodgeball Federation (WDBF) World Championship in Cancun, Mexico. The men’s and women’s teams, which were selected after months of training with a larger squad of eligible athletes, will be tasked with returning Canada to the top spot in the WDBF rankings.

The complete rosters are as follows:

2019 Activated Roster

Canada Men’s                                                       Canada Women’s

Andrusuk, William                                                Berkley, Shadae
Estrabrooks, Kaelan                                             Biron, Karine
Huestis, Joshua                                                    Croft, Kenley
Mergler, Jason                                                      Gray, Jessica                                        
Ranachan, Cameron                                             Kirkpartick, Lynn                                   
Silveira, Matthew                                                  O’Quinn, Jacqueline                                             
Snow, Jeff                                                              O’Quinn, Jessica  

Tom Sing, Richard                                                 McLaren, Julie

Waddingham, Kyle                                                Moore, Brogan                                                     
Wu, Jon                                                                  Morra, Lisa

Yusuf, Moody                                                         Pinet, Mackenize  

Zanchi, Nathaniel                                                  Roe, Shauna         

“We’ve been preparing for this era in Canadian dodgeball for quite some time. This year’s team is infused with talent, depth and can play within the vision and roles that we have established. They know what it’s going to take on and off the court to achieve our goals, and we’re going to be ready for any opponent we face.” Victor Gravili, Head Coach 

Selected Captains

As part of the announcement, Team Canada will turn to some new leadership in the dressing room. Jason Mergler returns as captain of Canada Men’s and will be joined by Matthew Garcia-Silveira in a co-captain partnership. Garcia-Silveira becomes the fourth player to take on the captain role for the men’s team and alongside Mergler, will be a catalyst in helping lead the men in Cancun.

“Jason and Matthew are two very special players that have the rare ability to make the players around them better. As proven winners, they’re passionate about team success and have a burning fire to chase excellence. I’ve seen them develop into exceptional athletes over the past decade and I know that together they form a dynamic duo built upon respect, hard work, talent and leadership.” said Gravili.

On the Canada Women’s side, Jessica O’Quinn takes over as sole captain. O’Quinn becomes the third captain in team history after taking over the role from Jen Ritchie.

“Jess is a proven competitor who has been successful at every level in every sport that she has played. Over the past year and a half, she has emerged as a vocal presence both on and off the court and leads by example through her training and commitment to the program. She is respected by her teammates and she will continue to be a force for Canada Women’s heading into 2019.” said Gravili

Emergence of the Next Generation

Since 2016, Dodgeball Canada has been focused on building a stronger pipeline of talent and depth across the country. Team Canada will benefit from that investment heading into the next World Championship with several new faces scheduled to make their international debut.

Below are highlights and facts about the selected team:

  • Seven athletes will represent Canada for the first time (most in Canadian history);

  • Four athletes will make a sophomore appearance;  

  • Seven athletes are aged 25 and under (most in Canadian history); and

  • The first player from Quebec will make their international appearance.


For more information about Team Canada, please contact




June 7, 2019


The European Dodgeball Federation Formally Announce Merger with the World Dodgeball Federation

EDMONTON (June, 7 2019) —  On 7th of June 2019 the European Dodgeball Federation (EDF) and its respective Member Nations voted to join the World Dodgeball Federation (WDBF). This new partnership will bring the total members under the WDBF to 58 in 2019, a tremendous addition to our ever-growing sport of Dodgeball.


“We are delighted to welcome our colleagues from the European Dodgeball Federation. Europe has always been at the forefront of the sport in terms of coaching and player development, and we are excited to work collaboratively with the EDF to build dodgeball and its surrounding infrastructure in the years to come.” - Duane Wysynski, President of the WDBF.


“The European Dodgeball Federation is happy to confirm that we are in agreement to be part of the World Dodgeball Federation. This opens up a lot of new possibilities to shape the future of global Dodgeball, and all of us within the EDF are excited to actively work with these new possibilities. What the future brings, we will see, but it's going to be exciting times for the global sport of Dodgeball.”  - Max Golda, President of the EDF.


The countries, federations and clubs that will be joining the WDBF are as follows:


  • Austria - Austrian Dodgeball Association

  • Belgium - Dodgeball Vlaanderen

  • Bulgaria - Dodgeball Federation Bulgaria

  • Croatia - Hrvatski Dodgeball Savez

  • Czech Republic - Dodgeball Czech Republike

  • England - England Lions Dodgeball

  • France - Fédération du Dodgeball Français

  • Germany - Deutscher Dodgeball Bund

  • Hungary - Hungary Dodgeball

  • Ireland - Irish Dodgeball Association

  • Italy - Associazione Italiana Dodgeball

  • Netherlands - Dodgeball Bond Nederland

  • Northern Ireland - Northern Ireland Knights Dodgeball

  • Poland - Polski Zwiazek Dodgeballa

  • România - Asociatia Romana de DodgeBall

  • Scotland - Scotland Highlanders Dodgeball

  • Slovenia - Dodgeball Slovenia

  • Sweden - Dodgeball Sweden

  • Switzerland - Fédération Suisse de Dodgeball

  • Wales - Wales Dragons Dodgeball

  • United Kingdom - British Dodgeball

About the WDBF

The WDBF was officially formed and established in 2012 as the governing body for the sport of dodgeball internationally. Headquartered in Edmonton, Canada, the Federation has more 58 national organizations supporting the game worldwide.  Since its inception, the main objective of the Federation has been to improve the game of dodgeball, promoting shared values in integrity, commitment and teamwork.


About the EDF

The European Dodgeball Federation (EDF) is the continental non-for-profit governing organisation for all national Dodgeball organisations in Europe.  Currently, the EDF counts 17 National Members all across Europe. The EDF seeks to grow and strengthen a solid and functioning continental federation with democratic structures and transparency.

For further information the World Dodgeball Federation please email



May 1, 2019

Edmonton selected to host the premier national tournament for the emerging sport


EDMONTON (May 1, 2019) - Today, Dodgeball Canada announced that the City of Edmonton will play host to the 2020 edition of the National Dodgeball Championship. This annual event brings together men’s and women’s teams from all ten provinces to compete for the National title. The National Championship also serves as the platform to select the Team Canada roster to compete at the World Dodgeball Federation Championship.

This marks the first time that the National Championship will be held in Edmonton. More than 300 athletes and hundreds more supporters will be descending on the city in April 2020. 

“I am excited to have this event come to Western Canada and particularly to Edmonton,” said Duane Wysynski, President of Dodgeball Canada and currently a resident of the city. “We look forward to working with Dodgeball Edmonton and Edmonton Events towards a successful National Championship. Dodgeball has strong roots in the city and we’re proud to celebrate Edmonton’s contribution to growing the sport across Canada.” 

“As a founding member league of Dodgeball Canada, Dodgeball Edmonton has been here from the beginning as the national dodgeball scene has exploded over the past few years,” said Paul Laking, owner of Dodgeball Edmonton. “Working alongside Edmonton Events, we are excited to deliver a world-class dodgeball experience here in Edmonton in 2020.”

“We are ecstatic to welcome athletes from across the country to Edmonton for the 2020 Dodgeball Canada National Championships,” said Doug McLean, Director of Edmonton Events. “Edmonton is proud to bring such a unique, competitive event to our city.”

About Dodgeball Canada
Dodgeball Canada is the National governing body for the sport, representing over 10,000 athletes across the country through its member leagues and federations. The organization aims to create a community of athletes from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences and supports player development for all ages and skill levels.

For more information contact Phil Murphy-Rheaume, Director of Communications and Media, Dodgeball Canada at



Dodgeball Canada:
Dodgeball Edmonton:
Edmonton Events:





July 18, 2018



EDMONTON (July 18, 2019) - Dodgeball Canada and British Dodgeball are wasting no time when it comes to 2019 planning, as both organizations have agreed to play in a first of its kind exhibition on April 20th, 2019 in Sheffield, England. The exhibition series comes on the heels of British Dodgeball’s decision to send team Great Britain to participate in the 2019 WDBF World Championship.

“On behalf of the World Dodgeball Federation and Dodgeball Canada, we are thrilled at the opportunity to visit our friends in the United Kingdom and participate in this exhibition as Great Britain looks to make its inaugural appearance at the 2019 WDBF World Championship.” – Duane Wysynski, President of Dodgeball Canada and the World Dodgeball Federation

“We are excited to have the opportunity to compete against Europe’s elite and to forge new relationships with our friends in Britain. In true Canadian spirit, we’ll bring plenty of smiles, while bringing our best in what we hope to be the first of an exciting new friendly rivalry between our teams.” – Victor Gravili, Head Coach and GM of Team Canada and Director of Sport and Player Development, Dodgeball Canada


“The exhibition match in Sheffield will be the first of its kind in dodgeball. Two nations that have historically played the game using different codes to each other are forming a strong relationship to help further the development of dodgeball globally. We can’t wait to host Team Canada next April in Sheffield and know this is just the start to many more exciting opportunities for our members in the U.K.” – Ben Hoyle, Director of Development for British Dodgeball

More information and exhibition logistics will be announced in the Fall 2018.



April 3, 2018


TORONTO (April 3, 2019) - Dodgeball Canada has announced its latest grassroots initiative, an U23 Development Camp, dedicated to developing and working with high-potential competitive players currently 23* and below from across the country. The announcement showcases the latest work and commitment DC has to player and sport development, specifically focusing on active youth players within dodgeball. The program will operate under DC’s Sport and Player Development portfolio in combination with the Team Canada National Program.

“High-potential competitive youth players are so incredibly important to the future of our sport here in Canada, as-well as our future success on the international stage. We want to make a significant investment to ensure our youth are developing the right way, focused on setting proper goals and feel empowered with a clear understanding of their journey towards being a competitive and amateur athlete in the sport of dodgeball. We want to create and identify opportunities for them to keep learning and be apart of our future,” said Victor Gravili, Head Coach and General Manager of Team Canada and DC’s Director of Player and Sport Development.

This year’s inaugural camp will be held August 4 – 5 in Etobicoke, Ontario. Future U23 Development Camps will travel to different cities across the country.

Each Provincial Sporting Organization (PSO) will be responsible for identifying and sharing a list of high potential competitive athletes from their province to attend the U23 Development Camp in August. Following a review of the lists, DC will extend a formal invitation to the identified and selected athletes by April 30th, 2018. Athletes who accept the invitation to attend the camp will be required to pay a $250.00 registration fee which will cover the costs of the training, apparel and meals throughout the scheduled agenda.

For more information about the U23 Development Camp or to contact a local PSO, please email Victor Gravili at 

*Athletes who have turned 24 years of age in 2018 will also be considered and are eligible. 




May 3, 2017



TORONTO (May 3, 2017) - After several months of qualifiers, trials and a National tournament in Halifax that saw over 250 of Canada’s strongest and most passionate dodgeball athletes showcase their talents, the 2017 Team Canada rosters have been decided. On behalf of dodgeball communities from across the country, we thank everyone for their passion and appreciation for the process and embracing the connections and bridges being built across Canada. 

The National Team Selections Committee (NTSC) deliberated in-person on the talent being represented from coast-to-coast and constructively have built a men’s and women’s team adhering to the 2017 Team Canada vision, as both programs look to capture success on home soil. At this time, Dodgeball Canada would like to thank the following members of the NTSC for their relentless effort, thoughtful considerations, commitment and time they’ve invested to build Team Canada.


We now ask you to join us in celebrating and welcoming your 2017 Team Canada athletes!  






“I first want to thank all athletes across the country for their dedication and effort at the 2017 National Tournament held in Halifax. The present and future of Canadian dodgeball shines bright and I look forward to working with dodgeball communities across the country in the coming months and years to grow the competitiveness of our Canadian athletes. At this time, I join you all in welcoming our 2017 Team Canada athletes. I am ecstatic about the talent and experience joining Team Canada and our hard work and robust training program begins now. Our commitment to delivering a winning product that adheres to Team Canada’s core philosophies and vision will not waver and I look forward to sharing our future success with Canadian dodgeball players in October.” – Victor Gravili, Head Coach, Team Canada  



February 28, 2017



Click here for a link to all the action you can handle from last year's Dodgeball Canada National Championships in Toronto.



February 17, 2017


Venue features capacity for six courts, nearly 1,000 spectator seats

EDMONTON (February 17. 2017) - Dodgeball Canada is excited to announce the host venue for the 2017 World Dodgeball Federation World Championships taking place from October 18-21, 2017. The tournament, which will see the world’s top dodgeball talent come to Toronto for the first time, will be held at the Markham Pan Am Centre.

“Dodgeball Canada has been hard at work preparing to welcome teams from across the globe to celebrate the sport we love,” said Duane Wysynski, president of Dodgeball Canada. “This venue serves as the perfect stage to showcase dodgeball on a local, national and global scale.”

Opened in November 2014, the Markham Pan Am Centre is a state-of-the-art facility that has played host venue to four 2015 Pan American and ParaPan American events, an Olympic Table Tennis Qualifying event as well as many National, Provincial and local championships.

Venue specifications:
•    The Markham Pan Am Centre is a 147,000 sq ft (13,660 sq m) sports venue that has been built to meet many International and National standards of competition 
•    With over 36,000 sq ft (3,344 sq m) of floorspace, the gymnasium is capable of housing six courts simultaneously
•    948 theatre style, bleacher seats with chair backs
•    Consisting of an Olympic sized 50 m pool, several gymnasiums, a fitness centre, and various A/V rooms, the venue is ideal for hosting a variety of sport events



February 1, 2017


Click on the document below for details.




November 24, 2016


TORONTO (November 24, 2016) - Dodgeball Canada (DC) is pleased to announce Team Canada will have a familiar face leading the charge ahead of the 2017 World Dodgeball Federation (WDBF) World Championship in Toronto, Ontario. The DC Board of Directors have made the decision to re-appoint Victor Gravili as Canada's head coach in 2017 for both the men's and women's programs for a second consecutive World Championship.


The re-appointment comes on the heels of an impressive showing at the 2016 WDBF World Championship in Australia. The veteran coach led both of Canada’s teams to a combined 18-3 record, helping lead the men to their first gold medal since 2014 and the women to their first finals appearance and medal since 2013. The combined performance was Canada's best showing at a World Championship since a dominant result in New Zealand three years ago. 


"On behalf of the Board of Directors at Dodgeball Canada, we’re thrilled to welcome Victor back as our head coach for both of our national programs in 2017. It’s an exciting time for Canadian dodgeball and we believe in having a consistent and strong hand leading the charge. Victor has a proven track record throughout his coaching career and we are confident in his ability to inspire and deliver results the Canadian dodgeball community will be proud of,” said Duane Wysynski, president of Dodgeball Canada.


This will be Gravili's fourth appointment and third consecutive World Championship at the helm of Team Canada. Gravili’s extensive coaching resume includes an 85-12 Ontario Colleges Committee on Campus Recreation (OCCCR) record, 12 OCCCR championships, three Humber Lakeshore Coach of the Year honours and 350+ tournament appearances (outside of the OCCCR) with Humber College over the past eight years. Internationally, Gravili has coached Team Canada to a 21-7 WDBF record, having missed the medal stage just once during his Canadian coaching tenure.


Gravili's one-year term with Team Canada will commence immediately. In the short term, he will carefully develop the 2017 Team Canada vision ahead of team selections next year, where he will lead the committee in assembling this year's Team Canada.

Please join us welcoming Victor back to Team Canada! More information about the selection process and other Team Canada details will be shared over the coming weeks.



November 17, 2016


The Board of Directors at Dodgeball Canada (DC) is excited to announce the appointment of Graeme Morrison as the newest member of the board effectively immediately. The board unanimously agreed for Graeme to fill the vacant role of Co-Director of Media and Communications that was left following the departure of Chris Berry earlier this summer.

Graeme has been heavily involved with Dodgeball Canada behind the scenes sitting on the media and communications subcommittee where he played an integral role forming Dodgeball Canada’s media strategy. To-date he has solicited top-tier media coverage for Dodgeball Canada in the Toronto Star, VICE Sports and 680 News in support of the 2016 DC National Tournament and the World Dodgeball Federation World Championship. Graeme’s love for dodgeball started at the Humber College Lakeshore Campus, where he was captain twice during his four-year tenure with the team. In his final year at Humber, he was named MVP and Lakeshore Male Athlete of the Year for his dedication to the sport. He now serves as the assistant coach of the Lakeshore Hawks. When he’s not involved in Dodgeball, Graeme works for a public relations firm, where he specializes in media relations for a portfolio of consumer brands.


On behalf of Dodgeball Canada and the Board of Directors, we officially welcome Graeme to the executive.

Lastly, we’d like to announce that as of December 31st, Dave Kutner’s term as Director of Sponsorship will end. Dave has played an integral part in helping Dodgeball Canada achieve its year one vision and will remain involved through subcommittees and other initiatives. We'd like to thank Dave for his valuable insights and contributions to the Board. Duane Wysynski and Bethel Lascano will oversee the sponsorship portfolio in the interim until a new director is announced.


Duane Wysynski, President
Bethel Lascano, Vice President and Co-Director of Programs
Steve Hickson, Director of Policy and Co-Director of Media and Communications
Jen Ritchie, Director of Finance and Co- Director of Programs
Victor Gravili, Director of Player and Sport Development
Dave Kutner, Director of Sponsorship

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